Excite your guests with wonderful table decoration


You can jazz up your table decoration with more than just napkins, a wonderful Duni table runner or a beautiful slipcover. Whether it is cosy, elegant or playful: With our candles, candle covers, wax lights, paper lanterns, square and round glass vases as well as many other decorative items, you are able to create the appropriate table decoration for every occasion. Browse through our wide range of products and put together your favourite table decorations!
Table decorations for a reflective atmosphere at Christmastime

When Christmas is quickly coming closer and it is becoming a lot colder outside, you would like to have an especially cosy and festive atmosphere at home. A lovingly-designed, festive table decoration puts you and your guests in a Christmas mood and increases the anticipation for the big day.
At serviette.com, you will find the classics for Christmas table decoration: Christmas baubles don’t just look good on a Christmas tree, but also enhance your table decoration. For example, place Christmas baubles around a beautiful candle or combine ornaments for the tree with other festive decorative items in a glass vase or a bowl. That is how your table decoration becomes a real eye-catcher. Cinnamon sticks, pine cones and reindeer moss are also popular elements in table decoration and ensure a festive flair at your Christmas meal. Even our 45 cm tall artificial Christmas trees are perfect as table decoration.

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Draw attention to your table decoration with candle covers, paper lanterns, etc.

In the evening and the winter months in particular, candles delight us, with their atmospheric, calming light. At serviette.com, you can find a wide selection of antique candles and pillar candles in many wonderful colours and various sizes. With our candleholders in very different romantic, playful or simple designs, you can especially accentuate the candlelight. Let your table decoration shine!
You can also effectively draw attention to votive candles. Candle covers ensure a warm atmosphere for discussion and a sense of well-being. Wax lights are another eye-catcher. Like candle covers and paper lanterns, these lanterns made of wax are also perfect for use outdoors. You can personalise our enchanting paper lanterns using craft scissors or simply with a pen, in accordance with your wishes. That’s how easy it is to have the perfect table decoration.

Square and round glass vases for a stylishly-set table

Of course, your decorative elements should not be loosely scattered on the table. Your table decoration appears to be especially stylish when you place decorative items in glass vases. In our online shop, you can find square and round glass vases in various sizes. Whether it is decorative sand, decorative stones or candles, fill the glass vases with the items of your choice and, in doing so, create your very own table decoration. Have fun in doing so!