Design Collection

Design Collection

High-quality printed napkins as a stylish table decoration
Whether it is Easter, Pentecost, Christmas, birthdays, weddings or barbecues – there are many occasions where you eat and chat in a relaxed way, at home or elsewhere. In restaurants and cafés, and also in your living room or garden table at home, you should not just serve delicious meals, but the right table decoration should also create a pleasant ambience. With our printed napkins, we offer you a large selection of great patterned designs. Let yourself be surprised by a great variety of colours and patterns!
A festively-decorated table with our printed napkins all year round

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Every season has something special about it and has its very own charm. Bring it to your table as well! In the spring, for example, excite your guests with flowery napkin patterns and a fresh, light table design. Our printed napkins are enchanting due to the wide variety of flowers and the bright colours. Muted red, brown and orange tones and colourful leaves adorn the products from our range. They are perfect for every season. We dedicate an autumn collection to earth tones and a winter collection in pine green, snow white and red for a festive feel. That makes our printed napkins the perfect accompaniment to your parties.
Are you looking for printed napkins that you can use in table design all year round? Then browse through our year-round collection! Here, for example, you can find bright balloon and toy designs for high-spirited children’s birthdays; maritime prints for restaurants with views of the water and holiday feelings on balconies; or table decorations in black, champagne and bordeaux, with classy adornment in gold and silver for weddings and particularly exclusive occasions. Even if you would like to set your table in a stylish way without a certain theme, in our wide range of products, you will find all sorts of design ideas, patterns and colours that simply always work.

Printed napkins in various practical sizes

Long tables, round and square beer garden tables or narrow counters – there are tables in widely varying sizes. Get our printed napkins in various sizes so that you can always find the right decoration for your restaurant, café or your own home. We offer our collection in the sizes of 40 x 40 centimetres, 33 x 33 centimetres and 24 x 24 centimetres. Slipcovers 84 x 84 cm in size are particularly appropriate for square tables and wide, long tables. You can get our Tête-à-tête tablecloths in a practical 24-metre roll. That way, you can individually cut your runners as needed.