Autumn table decoration with napkins

Duni Autumn Collection

Autumn is the season with the most challenges for decoration. Nature itself is richly coloured and decorative, with colourful autumn foliage, whimsical pumpkins, shiny red apples, fragrant quinces, with nuts and branches. In the fall, it is naturally often a little bit cooler, so people like to sit inside in order to enjoy a good meal. It is especially nice at a table that has been appropriately set and beautifully decorated.

In addition, there is also a special occasion to celebrate, which also requires decoration: Halloween. Skeletons and spider webs are not necessarily appropriate for gastronomy. As a proprietor, you can still set and decorate your tables in a way that is full of atmosphere and inviting at the same time. For this, simply choose the right tablecloths and napkins from the Duni range. With Duni products, it is very simple to design harmonious and atmospheric decorations. All motif items are colour-coordinated and go well with the numerous products in modern solid colours.
High-quality materials that protect


You can rely on Duni products every time you set the table. The durable items are made of high-quality materials, protect your tables and prevent excessive noise. You can use the time that you save decorating and with the elimination of the laundry care in a more effective way for your guests.

Duni products’ cloth-like premium quality will also satisfy your highest demands. Just like for cloth napkins, there are almost endless ways to fold Duni napkins, so that you can surprise your guests.

With all of these benefits for Duni products, it is no surprise that for over 50 years, Duni has been a popular partner for restauranteurs, hoteliers and trade. That shows that Duni products can be relied upon at any time.

You save time and money in setting the table, and because there is no need to wash the tablecloths, table runners, napkins and placemats, you also save water, detergent and energy – that is good for the environment. Did you know that worldwide, the Duni collection offers the widest range of compostable solid-coloured napkins? In addition, many Duni candles from the collection also bear the Nordic Ecolabel, which represents the highest respect for the environment and climate.