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In addition to the large selection of patterns in our Duni design collections, you will also find a large selection of solid-coloured napkins in various sizes and qualities in our online shop. With our quality products, we contribute to your stylish appearance as a gastronomer. We have the right product for every style and standard From Elegance, Classic and Duni napkins to tissue and dispenser napkins all the way to embossed napkins and cutlery pockets. With us, you will find the largest selection!
Classic, Elegance and Duni napkins for classy table decoration

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Excite your guests with Duni’s high-quality Elegance napkins. The one-of-a-kind material can hardly be differentiated from cloth in terms of appearance and feel and makes an especially classy impression. At the same time, with Elegance, you enjoy the benefits of a modern disposable solution: every towel is hygienically fresh, can be folded and formed easily and does not require effort for laundry and care – that makes the Duni napkin so popular.
The characteristics of our Duni napkins are also one-of-a-kind. While the outside, with textile characteristics, invites you to fold the napkins in a decorative way, the inside is especially soft and gentle on your mouth. Duni napkins are produced in an environmentally friendly Airlaid procedure and are therefore an easy-case alternative to cloth napkins. The fibres of the Duni napkin are so natural that many users barely notice the difference from cloth napkins.
Our Classic napkins are classically beautiful. You can obtain the four-play towels in a 40 x 40 centimetre size and with 1/4 fold in our online shop in many expressive colours. The introductory-level premium version for sophisticated table decoration. Better buy stylish napkins from us!

The Duni napkin – a soft, absorbent helper

As a little helper in everyday life, the practical tissue napkins come into use everywhere. Particularly soft and absorbent, they quickly clean your mouth and finger or help to wipe up small mishaps. Look for your favourite colour and the desired size in our wide range. Inexpensive tissue in various qualities is also available in our online shop.

Practical and hygienic: purchase inexpensive dispenser napkins

Our dispenser napkins are quickly at hand and perfect for hygienic individual removal. Just the right solution for cafeterias, canteens and fast-service restaurants. You can also find the right dispensers in our shop. Whether it is in black, grey or aluminium – find the right napkin dispense that works perfectly with your ambience! You can easily and comfortably purchase inexpensive napkins in our online shop. Our selection is sure to meet your tastes. If you have questions on our products, one of your service employees would be happy to advise you on the phone.