Dunilin napkins: high quality and environmentally friendly

Dunilin & Airlaid Napkins

Dunilin is one of the one-of-a-kind materials from the Duni company. Thanks to the textile characteristics of the Dunilin napkins, you will succeed at having a particularly classy and impressive table decoration. These Duni napkins do not just look like they are of high quality and, through folding, can wonderfully set the scene, but due to their soft inner side, they are also very gentle on the mouth. A procedure known as the Airlaid procedure makes it possible to produce the soft serviettes without any water. That is how Dunilin napkins are produced in a particularly resource-saving and environmentally-friendly way.
Easy-care napkins in cloth quality with Dunilin
Top performance!

Airlaid Napkins 40x40cm grey

8,27 GBP

incl. 19 % VATexcl. shipping costs

Top performance!

Airlaid Napkins 40x40cm kiwi

9,48 GBP

incl. 19 % VATexcl. shipping costs

In terms of appearance and weight, Dunilin napkins are easy to mistake with their cloth cousins. However, with this modern alternative to cloth napkins, you are saved from the known disadvantages. No washing, no ironing, no starching – and in doing so, you have a lot more time to stylishly decorate your holiday table.
Dunilin napkins in wonderful colours
At serviette.com, you can find decorative Dunilin napkins in many beautiful colour tones. With various blue tones, for example, you can design a wonderful maritime table decoration. The green shades are reminiscent of fresh summer meadows, forests, or simply nature by itself. The red Dunilin napkins are perfect for a romantic candlelight dinner, but also for Christmas or autumn table decorations. With the yellow and orange Duni napkins, you can bring a sunny atmosphere and good mood to the table. Classically beautiful and always particularly elegant: white and cream-coloured Dunilin napkins.
Would you like to excite your guests with one-of-a-kind table decoration? Then show courage and creativity with your choice of colours. Black Dunilin napkins can be combined with every colour and are guaranteed to make your table an eye-catcher. One also sees brown serviettes on lovingly decorated tables far too seldom. For this, our Dunilin napkins in the colour café goes well with red, green, or orange decorative elements. With grey Duni napkins, you can give your holiday table a modern touch. Combined with silver cutlery and candles in matching colours, these serviettes appear to be especially classy.