White napkins are the classics in our range of products.

Tissue Napkins white

They are simple and elegant. They are used at home or in gastronomy. They are the best helpers for small smudges and bits of food around the mouth. White napkins have a long tradition behind them, and rightly so. White napkins are the unrivalled champions of festive occasions. There’s no way around them.
Those who are looking for a decoration for a festive occasion must inevitably ask the question as to how the set table should be visually designed. When answering this question, the trends from the current season are often used as a solution. Yet the timelessness makes white napkins an optimal solution for table design. Due to their elegant subtlety, they can be perfectly combined with all popular and one-of-a-kind accessories. No matter whether you prefer classic decorations or crazy colours, with white napkins, you’re always right. There is hardly any product in gastronomy that is so strongly shared in terms of popularity. They represent style and decisively frame a culinary experience. For many people, white napkins are an integral part of a celebratory experience. 

White napkins are timeless and beautiful

Many of our customers are from gastronomy. For them, when planning a large party, there is no way around white napkins. They are a standard that guests gladly demand. Therefore, restauranteurs place their full trust in our products in the category of white napkins, because they know that we know our products and happily advise our customers at any time. White napkins are not just suitable for use inside. They are also perfect for use in a beer garden or at summer festivals. In a private context, they are excellent for garden parties. Their special softness and strength makes white napkins a solid, all-round solution for your parties. Our happy customers confirm this time and time again. In particular, this is because high expectations are often associated with the organisation of a celebration. For many planners, white napkins therefore appear to be a solution that is too simple, because special creativity is needed. However, we gladly recommend white napkins and prefer to recommend a creative design for table decoration in general. Create a stylish ambience that is easy on your guests’ eyes and use white napkins!